Writing .. What? How? Should I?


I’ve just read a blog post on here http://shatteredsmoke.com/2014/02/09/on-writing-a-book/comment-page-1/#comment-4678

and I responded.

“So what?” I hear you think.  

Well, the response I wrote to that blog read really well, only a few lines but quite artistic with the wording. The post is about someone who has finally written a book and basically the “If I can you can theme.”  So I responded, looked at my words and though “I can- I know I can.”  The question for me isn’t can I write? The question becomes questions!  What should I write about? How do I start? Should I even try? 

As I wrote in my aforementioned response I have a shed full of ideas – that shed being my head – full of junk, ideas, bits of this and sentences of that, totally dis-organised but with the potential to be a useful space some day. 

I sit in dismay as I stare at online “how to write a book” pages.  I stand like a broken soul staring at the shelves full of “where to start in writing” books in W H Smith and Waterstone’s. I don’t want to sit and READ about how to write, I want to write.  Yet I am bombarded every time I look with words like ‘structure’, ‘platforms’, ‘plan and perfect’ and so on, and I fall apart, shut the shed door and think about doing it all another day.

I wonder if anyone else out there has a shed?  One that is full of ideas, full of potential, bursting at the hinges, yet like me, occasionally opening the door, peeking inside to soon becoming so overwhelmed and so shutting the door again for another while……..




3 thoughts on “Writing .. What? How? Should I?

  1. Many have this outlook. I haven’t written a novel either, but that guest poster had. It really isn’t on my list just yet, but it might be in the future. I don’t think a book can be forced out though and still be at its true potential. I appreciate the metion of my website, even if it wasn’t my article. -OM


  2. Bill Bryson has scraps of paper, newspaper cut outs, notes, ideas and so on stuffed away over a period of decades. He keeps it all so that, one day, 20 years on, he might click and bring it up again and use it, which he has done many times. His converts his shed into physical material..

    Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ was his first book ever worked on. It took a near-death car accident 20 or so years later to get it finished. He’s still adding books to it now. It spanned across his entire career, his whole life. Can’t expect to have a story done in a week!

    The hard thing to be ready for is the knowledge that you will inevitably have to draft, redraft, re-edit and re-everything numerous times. The longer the story, the longer each of these processes take. Books are life dedications… In fact writers have one of the highest rates of depression I believe. I wonder why!


  3. Taking that first step towards getting the idea out of our heads and onto paper can be difficult. The task seems so daunting. I try to break it into tiny tasks. Makes it less intimidating.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Appreciate it!


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