From a photo to a puppy (or two) 24/07/2014


Well, there’s a buzz in the air in this house and it’s not just the odd errant wasp flying through the window. I’m going to be a mum to twins very soon.

Late Tuesday I got the message that Tess has recovered from kennel cough and had received her rabies vax. SO she and Maiya will be travelling to the UK 12th August as planned and we will be able to collect both babies from 16th.

We’ve organised rest days, confirmed holidays and I’ve been baby shopping today… not the boottees and mittens kind.  Today one extra slip lead (always best for pups/dogs you’re unfamiliar with and especially escapee skilled Romanian street dogs).  Also, toys, extra treats – as the 2 boxes and 4 bags may not be enough – we have bags and tins of extra food. Annie is on adult food but they’ll need puppy stuff.  All we need a couple of pot bowls.  

Travel cage is coming out of the shed tomorrow, towels are washed and piled… all ready to go.

I haven’t seen the pups (photos or video) for a while now but we’re so excited…….

…. to that end I’ll be including Annie in all changes, showing her leads and bowls, though she’s not at all possessive, and I’ll have nothing more to report, unless I can get some more photos, until we get them home… so… from Me, the family, the cats and Annie…watch this space10412041_664490046967015_2691348609544462230_n


From a photo to a puppy (or two) 21/07/2014


Well, a few days since my last post and not everything is hunky dory…

Maiya the little angel has had all her jabs, and is ready to go.  She’s the one we intended to foster.  Tess, however, our “Adopted” choice, not so good.  One of four puppies to get kennel cough and now it’s a waiting game to see if she’s well enough tomorrow to have her jabs so she’s clear to travel with Maiya.

10452291_657687650994662_2606854094583311106_n  Little Maiya is the one front right

The worries I have are a) if she can’t travel with Maiya then we will have 2 pups weeks apart which could unnerve Annie, just as she’s getting used to one, and the balance will be all wrong: b) we’ll have to do twice the 5 + hour round trip to collect each pup which isn’t the best plan in the world and c) which is probably actually my biggest worry, Tess is ill for the second time albeit minor but her immune system is obviously weaker than Maiya’s and it was Tess’s little sister that died recently due to parvo, because she was too weak to fight it, despite care and some of her vaccinations already having taken place.

SO, if Tess doesn’t make the flight we have some decisions to make.  I’m of the mind that although we took to Tess in photo’s we’ve never met her and the bond is ethereal rather than actual so we could adopt Maiya rather than foster. We could wait and see if the split timing eventually works.  We could adopt Maiya and foster another pup or the other way around.   

So from a photo to a puppy or two may become from a photo to some different dogs… LOL.  

Fingers crossed for Tess and what will be will be…………..

From a photo to a puppy (or two) 16/04/2014


Well not a lot is happening – nothing but the waiting game at the moment.  We keep talking to Annie about Tess so she gets used to the name 0 and now her ears prick up when we say “where’s Tess?”.  Quite sweet really.

Whilst nothing else much is happening I am helping set up items for an online auction for to help dogs like the one in the picture newly rescued

why not have a look and see what’s up for grabs

If you look at the page it will explain what we aim to achieve for the rescued dogs in the centre… so worth while.

I did a sample of some poetry I am offering for bids – a personalised poem for your dog…. seems to be getting a lot of positives.


Girl Selling Lemonade To Help Soldiers Bring Home Rescued Dogs


Just to show if the heart is in it – there’s no such word as Can’t….. What a lovely young lady

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 10-year-old girl from Crystal Lake has set up a lemonade stand to help raise money to bring soldiers’ dogs home from overseas.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports Rahan Sivertsen has a soft spot for dogs and soldiers, so she came up with an idea to sell lemonade and watermelon to raise funds for the Puppy Rescue Mission, which assists in adoptions of stray dogs that soldiers have rescued from war zones.

“It’s a group that raises money to help our soldiers bring home dogs they have found and loved while serving their country,” Rahan said.

She said she loves American soldiers, and she knows the dogs have helped them. Rahan said she’s very excited to pay it forward.

[cbs-audio-player artist=”WBBM 780’s Mike Krauser” download=false image=”” url=”″ station_name=” WBBM 780/105.9FM” station_logo=””]

Her mother, Kerry, fosters dogs for local shelters.

“I agree 100 percent that we’ve got an…

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From a photo to a puppy (or two) 11th July update


First and foremost in this post I want to share the news that one of Tess’s siblings, little “Josephine” has sadly died today.  josephine



Josephine was one of the two small puppies in the litter of four that was rescued (Remy, Tess, Josephine and Gabriel), and although she has received most of her vaccinations, including two against Parvo, the fact that she was tiny and started life so undernourished and uncared for meant that her defenses were not 100% and Parvo got the better of her. Dora, who runs the rescue centre in Romania – 

Asociatia Amicii Nostri Turda- Semper Fidelis

– did all she could but when this thing takes hold even in the UK there’s often only a 50/50 chance of recovery….So, many of us are saying goodnight to another sweet little life.  At least because of Dora little Joesphine knew a lot of love, a full belly and fresh air and playtime, during the latter few weeks of her very short life.  

As for “my two” as far as I know they are fit and well.  After Tess had a worrying bout of gastro problems I became concerned but she seems to have got over it.  Unlike her little sister, Tess is la10412041_664490046967015_2691348609544462230_nrger and more robust so more fight from the inside. 

This is Tess (left) and Maiya – who will come to me around 16th August.

Tess is definitely going to be adopted by us, and we still can’t decide about Maiya. We’ll wait and see.  



Annie is doing well and has no idea how lucky she is to have all of our attention at the moment, but I am sure she’ll enjoy having playmates around to play in her own ‘language’.  

2014-05-05 09.16.48

We wondered, as they’re all Romanian, will they bark in Romanian 🙂  

We’ve almost conquered the rain panic…almost.  All this girl needed ever was a little love and a little therapy and kindness.  She’s becoming a very proud, loving, adoring, funny and wonderful companion….and we hope that Tess and Maiya will learn very quickly how life can be so happy if ther chance is there.

But I mustn’t crow about Annie as this blog is for Tess, and Maiya, and today, little Joesphine.

So again, “goodnight sweetheart” to Joesphine and (((HUGS))) to Dora who is devasted if ever she loses one of her doggies … they might all be strays and rescues but to her they are her life and her reason for doing what she does.

From a photo to a puppy (or two) – Adopting Romanian rescued dogs 3


Well folks, update… 2 x 4 month old puppies will be arriving in kennels in the UK for collection on 16th August…. then the fun begins.!!

Asociatia Amicii Nostri Turda- Semper Fidelis will be looking after Tess and Maiya until then, feeding and medical bits and bobs.  I know they’re in safe hands so I’m not worried.  I am worried about the long trip to the UK though as they are travelling by road. Ann has managed to get the pups to be caged together to reduce costs but that could either bring comfort of aggravation as its a 4 day journey from a to b via goodness know where.  I can’t wait to get them here.

Maiya may only be fostered by us as the jury is out whether we can cope with 3 but at least she’s out of that aweful country.  Photo’s today are of Maiya.

Maiya enjoys a chew

Maiya enjoys a chew

10488009_479374862197771_1972011068131731428_n 10491250_479375072197750_6110646339047124120_n