From a photo to a puppy (or two) – Adopting Romanian rescued dogs


It’s been just over 6 months since Joe died (please feel free to view my posts about him- you may learn something too).

Joe was adopted by us in February 2013 along with Annie, a rescued Romanian street dog.  He was 6 years, she was only 1 year and did tend to lean on him for confidence and security.

Annie has issues.  She was found under a pile of tyres, 9 months old, cold, starved and probably flea-ridden and definitely lonely. Taken to a public shelter she was then rescued by a charity.  

Now, public shelters in Romania are not nice, dogs are not wanted by the greater majority of people over there and have, over the years, over-bred and run almost feral. Naturally, dogs that have been kicked, chased, hit with sticks, tied up with wire and worse, are wary of the next human contact they have. Annie is one such dog, but she is wonderful, loving and tries so hard.  Now 2 and a half she’s a little lady, is beside herself with remorse if she does something that results in her being chastised (which is rare) and is so very loving.  She has her fears but we deal with them and she improves.

The only thing we know that she’s missing is canine company.  Annie loves to play with other dogs, running around in the woods like a mad thing when we meet her puppy friends…. so for Annie, and for the memory of Joe, and for all those dogs who are mistreated simply because they are canines in Romania we decided to adopt another.

This will be the journey record of our soon to be addition(s).

We searched sites and facebook and after a couple of hiccups we found this

We looked at photos and fell in love with an 8 week old puppy that had been dumped along with siblings. She literally winked at us.. well the first photo we saw shows a winking characterful puppy… yep, she’s the one.

I read the write-up on the site and the rescue and it’s heartbreaking.  People trying against all odds to save as many dogs as they can.. and mostly succeeding, but it’s such hard work.  I friended a couple of associates on facebook and so I now can have pictures of Tess as she grows.  

It’s July now and she can’t travel until August…

Then I read that Dora had rescued almost 20 pups from a public shelter that was closing down…

TWENTY PUPS and a load more adults to look after… astounding … but she does it, with help from family and friends and sponsors, fosterers and adoptors.  We sponsored Maiya – £12 for a month’s food.  It’s nothing to us in the UK.  If I went without my haircut one month I’d feed a puppy with the money I sent.  If I went without a cinema trip I’d support medication for one and so on.  Sending sponsorship was a no brainer, but means the world to those dogs and such a wonderful woman, who is doing her best and more.

Maiya is a little cutie and just might join Tess on a journey to freedom and love… watch this space and I’ll share the ups, downs, excitements and worries as we adopt one or two little romanian puppies that deserve a better life than the one they face on the streets of a country that doesn’t care.

Asociatia Amicii Nostri Turda- Semper Fidelis – A Registered non-profit Shelter , in Transylvania, Romania


Photos are Annie and Joe, Tess, Maiya with puppy friends



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