From a photo to a puppy (or two) – Adopting Romanian rescued dogs 2


Today I am writing a short peice to show off Tess, one of our future adoptees, catch up on Tess so far and highlight a bit of the work done by Dora…..

This was Dora’s first day of contact with the four puppies.

17th June 2014 Dora writes about Tess and her siblings….

Dear Friends I would like to dedicate this story and album to my friend Stoian Fazacas Cristina who always helped me with the doggies when I did not have you I borrowed a lot of money from her to be able to feed the doggies when we had nothing, Saturday Cristina came by the car and we went to the shelter together and worked as two slaves to clean and feed the doggies from the barn. It is a day long extremely hard work she did it because of her love for me and for the dogs Viorel wanted a day off because he had not one till now… We took the puppies from the Gypsy families. Two puppies have suffered a lot of hunger and neglection with no warm shelter. We took four puppies in the end.  We are now taking care of them, we fed them, cleaned them, made flea treatment. I do not know if the two tiny puppies can make it, they were vaccinated and wormed too, we just hope so. The darker one is trembeling a lot because of malnutrition. The vet said he feels so sorry for them’s hearbreaking …heartbreaking.   Love has many forms: I chose love for doggies who are oppressed and love for humans who love them too. It is about love for these poor creatures that seems were born to suffer.  In some times it is better to die than to live a live as they did. Their mother hasn’t come to the shelter for almost a week and we just pray for her not to be strangulated as the people did with other doggies around the shelter when they could catch them… Mummy of these four puppies was full of fear – her life has no worth to live in fear …..please just tell the story on the page, please help us save these poor doggies and puppies from a bad life…thank You xxx

Photos are of Tess, Remy and the two tiny ones Gabriel and Joseph in the first days after rescue




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