From a photo to a puppy (or two) 11th July update


First and foremost in this post I want to share the news that one of Tess’s siblings, little “Josephine” has sadly died today.  josephine



Josephine was one of the two small puppies in the litter of four that was rescued (Remy, Tess, Josephine and Gabriel), and although she has received most of her vaccinations, including two against Parvo, the fact that she was tiny and started life so undernourished and uncared for meant that her defenses were not 100% and Parvo got the better of her. Dora, who runs the rescue centre in Romania – 

Asociatia Amicii Nostri Turda- Semper Fidelis

– did all she could but when this thing takes hold even in the UK there’s often only a 50/50 chance of recovery….So, many of us are saying goodnight to another sweet little life.  At least because of Dora little Joesphine knew a lot of love, a full belly and fresh air and playtime, during the latter few weeks of her very short life.  

As for “my two” as far as I know they are fit and well.  After Tess had a worrying bout of gastro problems I became concerned but she seems to have got over it.  Unlike her little sister, Tess is la10412041_664490046967015_2691348609544462230_nrger and more robust so more fight from the inside. 

This is Tess (left) and Maiya – who will come to me around 16th August.

Tess is definitely going to be adopted by us, and we still can’t decide about Maiya. We’ll wait and see.  



Annie is doing well and has no idea how lucky she is to have all of our attention at the moment, but I am sure she’ll enjoy having playmates around to play in her own ‘language’.  

2014-05-05 09.16.48

We wondered, as they’re all Romanian, will they bark in Romanian 🙂  

We’ve almost conquered the rain panic…almost.  All this girl needed ever was a little love and a little therapy and kindness.  She’s becoming a very proud, loving, adoring, funny and wonderful companion….and we hope that Tess and Maiya will learn very quickly how life can be so happy if ther chance is there.

But I mustn’t crow about Annie as this blog is for Tess, and Maiya, and today, little Joesphine.

So again, “goodnight sweetheart” to Joesphine and (((HUGS))) to Dora who is devasted if ever she loses one of her doggies … they might all be strays and rescues but to her they are her life and her reason for doing what she does.


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