From a photo to a puppy (or two) 21/07/2014


Well, a few days since my last post and not everything is hunky dory…

Maiya the little angel has had all her jabs, and is ready to go.  She’s the one we intended to foster.  Tess, however, our “Adopted” choice, not so good.  One of four puppies to get kennel cough and now it’s a waiting game to see if she’s well enough tomorrow to have her jabs so she’s clear to travel with Maiya.

10452291_657687650994662_2606854094583311106_n  Little Maiya is the one front right

The worries I have are a) if she can’t travel with Maiya then we will have 2 pups weeks apart which could unnerve Annie, just as she’s getting used to one, and the balance will be all wrong: b) we’ll have to do twice the 5 + hour round trip to collect each pup which isn’t the best plan in the world and c) which is probably actually my biggest worry, Tess is ill for the second time albeit minor but her immune system is obviously weaker than Maiya’s and it was Tess’s little sister that died recently due to parvo, because she was too weak to fight it, despite care and some of her vaccinations already having taken place.

SO, if Tess doesn’t make the flight we have some decisions to make.  I’m of the mind that although we took to Tess in photo’s we’ve never met her and the bond is ethereal rather than actual so we could adopt Maiya rather than foster. We could wait and see if the split timing eventually works.  We could adopt Maiya and foster another pup or the other way around.   

So from a photo to a puppy or two may become from a photo to some different dogs… LOL.  

Fingers crossed for Tess and what will be will be…………..


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