From a photo to a puppy (or two) 24/07/2014


Well, there’s a buzz in the air in this house and it’s not just the odd errant wasp flying through the window. I’m going to be a mum to twins very soon.

Late Tuesday I got the message that Tess has recovered from kennel cough and had received her rabies vax. SO she and Maiya will be travelling to the UK 12th August as planned and we will be able to collect both babies from 16th.

We’ve organised rest days, confirmed holidays and I’ve been baby shopping today… not the boottees and mittens kind.  Today one extra slip lead (always best for pups/dogs you’re unfamiliar with and especially escapee skilled Romanian street dogs).  Also, toys, extra treats – as the 2 boxes and 4 bags may not be enough – we have bags and tins of extra food. Annie is on adult food but they’ll need puppy stuff.  All we need a couple of pot bowls.  

Travel cage is coming out of the shed tomorrow, towels are washed and piled… all ready to go.

I haven’t seen the pups (photos or video) for a while now but we’re so excited…….

…. to that end I’ll be including Annie in all changes, showing her leads and bowls, though she’s not at all possessive, and I’ll have nothing more to report, unless I can get some more photos, until we get them home… so… from Me, the family, the cats and Annie…watch this space10412041_664490046967015_2691348609544462230_n


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