T.O.R.A Rescue shelter to close – Dogs need homes Foster or Adopt

TORA will close.  This is indeed sad news for me but devastating for the dogs still left at the rescue shelter.  My beautiful Annie came from there.  Rescued off the street as a frightened puppy: Just look at her now.
TORA, like many other rescue shelters in Romania have been fighting against all odds to get dogs off the streets, and now out of the public shelters since the killing law has been passed.  Dogs are in public shelters for only a short time before they are put to sleep.  There are horrific stories and pictures around. Some may see it as practical, culling the population.  That’s a valid opinion but not one I and thousands upon thousands of dog/animal lovers can share.  
All TORA asks now though is for people to view the site on facebook or contact them and foster or adopt one of the remaining dogs.  If there are dogs left in October when they must close, then they will be returned to the public shelter to receive their fate.
EVEN IF YOU CANNOT HAVE A DOG YOURSELF, please share, someone somewhere will, and for each one that does, another beautiful dog is safe.  
They didn’t ask to be thrown on the streets.  They didn’t ask to be caste out like vermin.  All they want is a chance to have a human family and a life of kindness.
  • T.O.R.A. is a small non-profit dog rescue organization that is based in Bistrita, North of Romania (Transylvania). TORA is dedicated to the rescue and placement of stray dogs.

    We are an animal charity of 2-4 volunteers, with funds available only from public support, with a shelter of 20 spacious kennels, 11 indoor & outdoor and 9 only outdoors ones. We have a vet attending the dogs daily and a caretaker.

    All of our dogs get neutered, (with the exception of puppies under the age of 6 months old and very old dogs), vaccinated, microchipped , defleed and dewormed prior to adoption.

    T.O.R.A. shelter cares for the rescued dogs entirely from donations received from private people, that’s why there is a constant need of support whether its financial, material (food or medicine donations, beds, dog clothes, etc) or by sharing and promoting the dogs to find good homes so that space becomes available to help others .

    T.O.R.A. helps an average of 40-60 animals at any given time.

    Below is testament to how wonderful life can be with a Romanian dog in your life.  Annie is not only SMILEY, but she is adorable, funny, loving, caring, gentle, playful and so much more… And what better way to come home or wake up than to be greeted with a happy waggy tail and a big doggy smile followed by some kisses.  And you get all of that for a treat or two, a walk a dog and some dinner.  


6 thoughts on “T.O.R.A Rescue shelter to close – Dogs need homes Foster or Adopt

    • Please share this link. We try and do what we can one dog at a time from the UK as the Rescues do the ‘bigger picture’ work. I have just sponsored this guy as he’s been overlooked for 2 years and he deserves better, as they all do. His name is now Barclay. There is also a link to the rescue site that I have sponsored him on, am fostering one and adopting one in 2 weeks. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.676676769081676.1073742289.580398328709521&type=1 This is the other site TORA that is struggling and having to close…https://www.facebook.com/asociatia.bistrita?fref=ts Tora will be sending s few dogs if they remain to https://www.facebook.com/amiciinostri?fref=ts. Any help, shares or any small thing always helps and I really appreciate you coming on board. I will support anything you wish regarding dogs. Would you care to look at these links and let me know what format I should write – I can simply copy stories or write from experience ….Truly as we all unite for these lovely creatures we can benefit them and us…


      • OK, been across to all those links and they are wonderful examples of why you need support. However, a guest post from you might be better if written from the perspective of the advantages, for both the dog and the human owner, if the selection is a rescue dog. We have found here at home that all the dogs that are ex-rescues show so much love and compassion. It’s almost as though they understand the hand of love that was extended to them.

        For example, as I write this to you, besides me on the floor sleeps Hazel. She was dumped outside Jean’s house a few days before we moved to Arizona. She was still in milk and in emotional agony over the removal of her puppies. That was 4 years ago. Now Hazel is the most beautiful, loving animal one could imagine.

        Does any of this help?


  1. Yes thank you – I will do one. It’s true what you say and I can certainly show the love they give via more of Joe’s story – his beginnings with us, and through Annie – adopted the same time as Joe but 1 yr old rescued Romanian street dog. I will pop to the guest slot shortly. Many thanks.


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