Barclay- Border Collie needs a proper home.


barclay 060814Barclay. A two year old Border Collie male dog is still in a rescue centre in Romania.  Why?  Is he ugly or awkward or vicious or high on the medical needs list?  No!  These are reasons that most people secretly stash in their heart as veritable barbed wired fences against having certain dogs from a rescue.  Of course people don’t voice that but it’s true of some.  Barclay, however, hasn’t given anyone reason not to love him.  He’s a steady, waggy, happy dog who likes fresh air, sunshine and the human touch.  He doesn’t get any of it a lot. The rescue centre he’s in is awesome.  The people who work for the dogs love them all, but like any family, the more children you have the less attention each one gets.  

Barclay is loved all the same, there’s no doubt but he needs his own small family to become the special guy he really is.  

I sponsor him now, helping with food and meds costs.  Barclay NEEDS A HOME and I aim to get him one.  I’m fostering and adopting already but that doesn’t stop me wanting to help more of these dogs who need to get out of the country where the majority population still treat them like vermin.  If anyone wants to offer Barclay a home contact me and I’ll give you info how to get in touch with the rescue centre.  He will come vaccinated, microchipped, deflead, dewormed and has been neutured.

Barclay the day he was rescued.  Such a darling puppy.1526692_677383665677653_6663460059332561827_n

Barclay enjoying some summer sun and some company.
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