From a photo to a puppy or two – the continuing saga


Well Readers

This is the week I’ve been waiting for. For those keeping up, I am to pick up on Saturday 16th TWO Romanian puppies.  These little girls were from 2 different situations but both ending up at the shelter know as Asociatia Amicii Nostri Turda- Semper Fidelis aged around 8 weeks old.

Dora, who runs the rescue centre posted pictures and we fell for Tess, later, needing sponsors per dog, we picked Maiya, sponsored and named her.  THEN, we offered to foster, maybe adopt her.  It will be foster though as the good news for her is that there’s a lady who wants to give her a happy forever home.  We can then foster another.

In the meantime, I eagerly watch posts on Facebook as to their progress.  Currently at Calais, awaiting transport across the water.

Tess (Front) and Maiya in transport pods on the way to the UK

Tess (Front) and Maiya in transport pods on the way to the UK

This is Tess (front) and Maiya in the transport pod on their way to the UK.











So folks, from a photo on a Facebook page, we are to soon be running around after TWO 4 month old puppies for a while… What an adventure awaits us…….

For the sake of All Creatures of Creation






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