From a photo to a puppy or two…in a week when 60 dogs are murdered in the UK…


Well readers, in a week when a teenage boy single handedly murdered 60 dogs, and hundreds more have had to be moved in a hurry (See news, Manchester Dogs Home) as a result I found it especially hard and a little frightening that we STILL can’t get Tess from kennels, but we’re almost there.

I’ve been working many long hours extra to my day job to raise funds to sponsor my chosen Romanian rescues, but the act of this one boy has shown us up as a dog loving nation,and an irresponsible lot, all at once.

Ok, so he committed arson, he burnt dogs alive – HATEFUL.


The key thought in my mind is not this one horrific act but the continuous barrage of horrific acts worldwide.  Humans are civilised sentient beings…..So what? If you took every one of the dogs in that shelter in Manchester alone, and paired it with the family who bought it as a squiggly little pup and they cared for it PROPERLY, then yes I would agree more.  But it was the “caring sentient human” that abandoned the dog in the majority of cases, not the other way around (there are some sad exceptions and please, if you’re one of those do not include yourself in this). Once the puppy wonder toy grew up it was “too much trouble.” Just the same, if people took the lost street dogs from Romania or Spain or Cyprus and neutered them, cared for them, not stuff them in a cage out of sight and then put them to sleep, or let them run wild the kill or maim them for fun then yes I would agree.  But people don’t care for them.  I say people, obviously I mean a certain type of people… there are BILLIONS of dog lovers who do the job properly from beginning to end, and I respect them all.

The reason I’m adopting my pup is because she was rescued from people who let her mum breed and then wanted the pups to die, left them in a damp, dark cellar from birth.  The reason SO MANY dogs died in the blaze in Manchester is because many people who had wanted them could no longer be bothered.  One act is no worse than the other.  If we as responsible humans neutered our pets, cared for our pets or if we couldn’t manage it then DON’T HAVE PETS, there wouldn’t be all these dogs in shelters in the first place.

Tess has been adopted by us even though she’s not home yet. Joe was adopted by us.  Annie was adopted by us.  Dizzi was adopted by me. Jim was adopted by me…….I/We will never give up on a dog – or cat – simply because they become an inconvenience, hard work, “untrainable” (no dog is untrainable), the vet bill was too high, …or any other reason I can think of.  Whilst the world has as many people as it does wanting a toy to cast aside when bored, and that toy is in the shape of a loving, living animal, the 15 year old’s act will fade quickly into the melee of uncaring, unreasonable human behaviour towards these creatures.

I sponsored Maiya in July. Maiya now has a home.

I sponsored Sophie in August. Sophie now has a home.

I adopted Tess in June, and she will come home soon.


As someone said a while ago to me, you wouldn’t dump a baby because it cost too much or made too much noise or you moved home, why do it to your pets?

These are my sponsored dogs and all need happy homes

bar6Barclay, 2 year old neutured male. Border Collie type, very friendly.

10565156_685112528238100_3416054234951706160_nLissy, 2-3 year old female. Smiley dog.

10678749_694624467286906_3927243007214369921_n10580028_694624017286951_6221435441869198496_nCari, 8 week old female, will be able to travel at 16 weeks or beyond.

If you can sponsor a dog for whatever you can afford, (or for Amicii Nostri – simply donate a pound once in a while straight to their bank or via Paypal, or join the fund raising raffles and auctions.).  Should you have a lifetime home to offer, whether my little sponsored treasures or another then please look up on facebook.

Asociatia Amicii Nostri- Semper Fidelisis my choice supported rescue shelter but just type in Rescue dogs or Shelter dogs and you can have your pick.


Contact me, leave a message, I can point you in a good direction.

Whatever you do – consider ADOPTING, not buying…..

And NEUTER don’t breed – unless you are licenced.


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