People, will you help me make 2015 a successful “adopt a dog” year – starting with Barclay?


1526692_677383665677653_6663460059332561827_n 1560377_677382902344396_5086657628063043118_n 10347550_676676825748337_1670451297678106344_n 10354746_677383002344386_4212220724363150069_n 10386374_677382965677723_5026700245163824220_n 10397828_677383045677715_8908846584403216859_n 10450619_677383155677704_4649751668990548563_n 10468444_676676819081671_3739223618037531223_n 10479038_676676809081672_5375902108536473916_n 10501996_677383142344372_969163760937880441_n 10511326_677383019011051_4541310886622395580_n 10527477_677382915677728_3574800617665713888_n 10533557_677383095677710_5127863937145937771_n 10551066_677382892344397_6347126878314820982_n 10556253_677383099011043_1607866339929155718_n 10569020_677383145677705_6354479876672783027_n 10574273_677383179011035_6134260640237222982_n 10580101_677382945677725_8732664782766313107_n 10583960_676676862415000_3555478269038867074_n 10599139_677383062344380_1013354206756260578_n barclay out of ther barn barclay out of ther barn1 barclay out of ther barn2 barclay out of ther barn3Barclay has been let down twice now as people offering to adopt then cannot do so.  He needs a home.  People, will you help me make 2015 a successful “adopt a dog” year – starting with Barclay?


Things I learnt today


We all learn something new every day – no matter how insignificant it may seem. Each new experience builds one more block to the new improved you to carry to the future


My sister is pretty darn good at drawing stuff

Bollinger bands are trending indicators which can be used to measure volatility in a stock market, among other things.

Trading ten Forex combinations based on a single, sudden movement is a very bad idea, no matter how many confirmations you get from various charts.

Shanghai gets much colder than I was promised two years ago.

Turn Left, Turn right, Go straight in Chinese – Zuo3 zhuan3, you4 zhuan3, zhi2 zou4

Imagination in Chinese – Xiang3 Xiang4 Li4

I can use my commute to work to memorise up to 4 phrases permanently in Chinese

Cats only take 8 weeks to develop and birth kittens

I can use my so far unused fridge-sized box as a cat home/bed/litter area/toy

Sunflowers stalks and leaves stay alive much longer than you’d think after decapitating the head and not watering it for days on end.


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