Miles of smiles


I have a husky collie cross and she’s one of the most loving, loyal dogs I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. If you adopt him this boy will be your best friend for sure…



This handsome guy came up in my news feed and I had two options:

  1. adopt him;
  2. help him find a fabulous new home.

Despite my falling for Miles immediately, I know I can’t have another dog. I am also a pathetic failure as a foster mumma {just ask Beary}. So, helping him find a fabulous new home it is. Miles currently lives in Sydney.

Sadly his family {who love him dearly} need to find him a new home. They have spent a lot of time {a LOT of time} thinking about this and have come to this heartbreaking decision as their life circumstances have changed meaning they can’t be the forever family they had hoped to be. They are committed to finding him a loving home though, so I thought I’d do my best to help.

Miles is a four-year old border collie cross husky. He was the result of an accidental {spay…

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Yet ANOTHER good dog’s life put to risk…


I sat browsing my facebook page, Joe’s legacy tonight and my heart stopped. Just over a year since our beautiful Border Collie died and I was faced with a spine chilling picture like this……………….

Right there on the page originally set up as tribute to Joe. There right in front of me on the screen was a beautiful Border Collie, not unlike my Joe in looks, sat on a vet table with a HUGE stick piercing right through his chest.

“OH MY GOODNESS, when will this stop?” I gasped.

The link is below.  Please – if you love dogs, even if you don’t own one, STOP using sticks as toys.  I have begged, posted, written all about it, there are facebook pages and websites, vets comments, newspaper articles, yet still people throw a stick, a harmless doggy game.  It’s NOT harmless.

I don’t know statistics but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. The thing is, whether 1 in a hundred injuries from sticks or 1 in a million – ONE IS TOO MANY when it’s preventable by not doing it. Dog’s die – they break bones, they get ran over, they choke… there are things we cannot protect them from, but we can stop using sticks because we’re lazy, or thoughtless, or naive… there’s no hardship to take a ball, or a favourite toy and throw it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it “If you know a toy will harm a child you prevent the child from having it.  Why then do we ignore this common sense when it comes to our dogs?”

Please, look at the links – and at the very least think twice… and share if you care.

Don’t let another good dog die needlessly.