Miles of smiles


I have a husky collie cross and she’s one of the most loving, loyal dogs I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. If you adopt him this boy will be your best friend for sure…



This handsome guy came up in my news feed and I had two options:

  1. adopt him;
  2. help him find a fabulous new home.

Despite my falling for Miles immediately, I know I can’t have another dog. I am also a pathetic failure as a foster mumma {just ask Beary}. So, helping him find a fabulous new home it is. Miles currently lives in Sydney.

Sadly his family {who love him dearly} need to find him a new home. They have spent a lot of time {a LOT of time} thinking about this and have come to this heartbreaking decision as their life circumstances have changed meaning they can’t be the forever family they had hoped to be. They are committed to finding him a loving home though, so I thought I’d do my best to help.

Miles is a four-year old border collie cross husky. He was the result of an accidental {spay…

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