People, will you help me make 2015 a successful “adopt a dog” year – starting with Barclay?


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Barclay – where do you belong? Where is your heart and home?


Good day readers,

Welcome to further reading about Barclay, the 2 year old rescued dog stuck in Romania. Here’s Barclay as a pup.


He was around 8 weeks old when some one found him out alone and took him to the shelter.  He’s been there since and I wonder why.  He’s lovely. A smiley happy dog that just wants to have a run around and lots of hugs.  


Barclay is obviously Border collie cross, 90% BC by the look of him. That means he will most likely have the devotion of a border collie along with the funny character, thoughtfulness and intelligence.

There’s not a lot more I can say – he hasn’t ever had a home to sleep in, or a family to please.  He hasn’t had the opportunity to shine, play with toys, go for long walks, play catch the ball, chew hide sticks, sleep on the sofa……  It’s not his fault, it’s not the shelter’s fault.  He gets love and cuddles and is well fed and cared for… but he has to share that with over 100 other rescued dogs and pups…

I sponsor Barclay because once I saw his face I knew he had potential, I knew he was a strong but loving character, I knew he would be an awesome and devoted friend to the one who can take him home. However, the fact that I pay towards his keep isn’t a lot.

Can you  imagine his head gently resting on your knee as you read or watch tv?  Can you see him walking proudly by your side, or the happiness for you both when you teach him something new and he “gets it”…?  Can you see that wagging tail as you offer a treat, or feel the soft kisses as he greets you…. ?  Barclay has so much love to give and someone out there must want that love, and have love to give in return.

Where are you, the one Barclay is waiting for to give you his heart…. WHERE ARE YOU?

Here’s his facebook page… If Barclay is not for you (how could he not be?) then please share – so his forever heart (and home) can find him.

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