URGENT REQUEST – organised search for Tutu MACCLESFIELD SK10-23 UK



SEARCH PARTY TOMORROW FOR TUTU… 10am on Saturday 8th November at The Old Brickworks, Bakestondale Rd, Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield SK10 5RX (end of Moorside Lane)

Please come and help us find this lovely little boy. He will be cold, wet and hungry.

contact 07774005951 Ann Pursey for more information

tutu lost


When people ignorantly say things that hurt, what do you do?


Good day (or night-depending) reader

This post isn’t about dogs for once.  Any regular readers may sigh but the world is bigger than the love for and rescuing of our four legged friends.

This post is about me.. people like me.. and because of people who are ignorant and careless of what they say.  I can write this as I am not afraid of ghosts in my cupboard, but many people are. I will write this for myself and for those people who are not brave enough.  And I write it because I doubt I am the only one on earth to be subjected daily to hurtful or uncomfortable comments because of some people’s ignorance and lack of respect for others.  We’re all often surrounded by people locked in their own private bubble happily spurting words of the kind that if one though before one spoke one might just consider not saying such a thing.

What am I babbling on about? BANTER.. what is BANTER?  It’s a”laugh”, a “crack” and a “joke” but usually at someone else’s expense.  We all (or majority) do it, most comedians joke about accents or tall versus short – it’s “funny” as long as it’s light, not direct and not offensive.  Over the years I try to keep banter to a very mild level having been subjected to banter myself from hoards or testosterone filled bodies calling themselves men – me being female and all that.

But what do you do when you hear the banter and it’s not directed towards you or anyone else in particular but it hurts?  Let me explain more……

I have always worked in a predominantly male environment, engineering, transport, now fish merchants/fishermen.  The latter being the most disgusting has made me raise the point.  I was abused throughout my childhood, physically, emotionally and sexually by my father (that’s the ghost in the cupboard) and bullied at school because I had no self esteem and felt no self worth. Over the years I’ve learned to deal with it, not hide from it or be ashamed, but head on deal with it.  That said I don’t walk into a new situation and greet people with “Hi I’m Suzan and I was abused” like in an AA group.  In fact, as one would expect, unless the subject seems appropriate I don’t mention it.  Why would I?  Why would anyone share their personal bad experiences of any sort to just any old body they are in the vicinity of?  I would think most people who have suffered or still are suffering from abuse of any kind tend to keep quiet as it’s a sore wound to keep opening. Mostly people who have suffered at the hands of others like me, or in other ways, don’t want sympathy either and once the words are spoken that is the only emotion many can offer as they sit awkwardly thinking “Oh crap, now what do I say?”

Well, the thing is, these filthy-mouthed, disgusting bags of testosterone think it’s hilarious at times to say stuff – Comments like “Ah he went out last night and was looking at the sexy teenage chicks, he’s a right Paedophile” – guffaws of laughter from the rest, followed by ten minutes of sexual abuse ‘jokes’ and comments…Or “My sister and my mum got shagged last night…Fxxx my cock hurts today”….rolling around laughing and pats on the back for such ‘funny’ remarks.  OH AND SO MUCH MORE.

Inappropriate? – well I think that’s an absolute understatement.

Hurtful? – sadly yes.

But as one woman working with 11 men how awkward will it be to just stand and say “Don’t say that, I suffered at the hands of a Paedophile, my own father, so shut up”?…..

As I said I have always worked in a male environment, and I quite possibly always will.  I can’t change the world and I can’t change mentalities and attitudes but one day I will speak out, and my current colleagues will all tippy toe around me and isolate me, all awkward and distant, and I’ll struggle to work in such isolation and leave…. I know it. I’ve been there before.

So people – MEN… whilst folk like me, more often than not, have learned to deal with a torturous childhood in our own often unique way, just be careful with banter.  BANTER OF ANY KIND.  You never know the heartache of the person standing next to you.

Can £1/$1/€1 get you anything worthwhile today – YES it can.


Dear Readers – an appeal to all of you who love dogs and have a spare note or coin in your bank account.

I don’t usually do money appeals, not via this media anyway, but this is a very special case.  This is because HUMANS have ruined the life of a dog.  I hear you think it.. “Oh no not again, someone touting for cash!” Well, I’m not ashamed to say – on this occasion yes I am.

Here’s the story of Amil, Continue reading

A reason to adopt a dog


Today’s post isn’t much, more to be said in the photos than any words I can post.

Quick run down for those who haven’t ‘met’ me and mine yet….

Joe and Annie were adopted from FAITH Animal Rescue (Norfolk UK), 23 Feb 2013.  Joe died of an horrific accident where a stick was thrown for him to play with and it lodged down his throat, ripped his windpipe – he died around 36 hours later, December 2013.

Annie pined.

August 2014 Tess joined the family – a Romanian rescue like Annie.

They are so happy as the pictures will show.  So are we.  In Joe’s name we campaign to stop people using sticks as toys (Read don’t let another good dog die needlessly) AND also he was an adopted rescue along with Annie so we support Adopt not Shop for your pet.

Look at these pictures and I am sure your heart will tell you that if you want a pet – you should adopt a rescued one and let them laugh out in the sun like these two, and like Joe did…but don’t throw sticks – it could kill them.




October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – Animal Rescue Site.com


Hi Readers

As the title suggests – apparently October is Adopt a shelter dog month.

Now I’m all for these monthly drives to get people’s interest perked up once in a while but does it not suggest that October you should adopt but the rest of the year pass it all by?

EVERY month, EVERY week, EVERY day should be adopt an animal day – whether you’re into cats, dogs, pigs – if you want a pet and you don’t intend to show it or have a licence to breed THEN ADOPT. Simple as that.

I’m not getting on my soap box a preaching the rights and wrongs of breeding – each one of us has an opinion and are entitle to that opinion. My only comment to this is “responsible” breeding NOT puppy farm, or “oops my dog got out” kind of breeding. They are both hateful, irresponsible acts that have no part in today’s world.

As I said, I’m not going to soap box the subject.  I’m simply going to say today that there are hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs … the whole noah’s ark of animals  that someone somewhere keeps as pets, someone somewhere lost or disowned said ‘pet’ and so there are enough to go around for people to adopt.

And if you’re one of those who is nervous – will the dog be trainable or insurable or bite or diabetic or worse? – Will the cat run off, fit in here, have cat flu, be full of fleas? Will the rabbit be unmanageable or ill or not tame?  I can’t blame you for asking and holding back. There are many many reasonable questions to be asked. How though can you justify paying £400 for a cross breed puppy or even a so called ‘pedigree without papers’ from a stranger you may never see again when you can buy/adopt for under £300 and have back-up from the shelter if here’s a problem for the rest of the animal’s life…. Try justifying £30 for a petshop guinea pig with no history or drop a £20 to a neighbour for a kitten that “was got at” one night?

So as October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, I urge you , ADOPT – but not just in October – whenever you intend to get a new pet………

It’ll never happen to me……..Ooops, it just did


Once again I’m sort of a bearer of sad news… not the worst, but sad.  A friend shared a post on Joe’s Facebook page .. STICK INJURY . The guy’s story follows at the end of this.  I will not add to it other than say that PEOPLE WITH DOGS, NEAR DOGS, LOOKING AFTER A FRIENDS’ DOG, please do not use a piece of tree in any form as a toy for a dog. Throw a frisby, and old tied and knotted rope, a large-ish ball, a dog toy …ANYTHING but sticks and wood.

After over 140000 views on Joe’s story, https://mrsskeats.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/dont-let-another-good-dog-die-needlessly/, numerous views on his facebook page, views tweets and retweets on twitter and word of mouth via other circles I believed naively that people were getting the message.  To read those words ‘it’ll never happen to me’. made me shiver.

Martyn and Jet’s story

Like most dog owners, I’ve been warned countless times that sticks and dogs are a bad combination and thought ‘it’ll never happen to me’. Well last night it did.

Jet brought a stick back and her mouth was covered in blood. I wiped it away and it came back instantly. Managed to prise her mouth open and blood poured out and onto the grass, and I do mean poured. I ran her to a water bucket nearby and washed some of it away but more and more kept coming – easily a pint in the space of a minute. Finally it slowed and stopped and I got her inside for a look. I couldn’t see much but all that blood had come from somewhere and I’ve never seen an animal look so wretched and in pain in all my life, so to the vet it was.

The vet couldn’t see exactly what she had done, but knew it was bad so took her straight in for a look. One operation later and it turns out that the stick had tore through her tonsil and soft palate, nicking an artery on the way and ploughed over an inch into the soft tissue above her palate. I was told in no uncertain terms that it was a miracle she didn’t bleed out in the field there and then, and had the stick went in even a millimetre to the side she would have been dead, no question.

Once I had her home i went and found where it happened and got a few pictures. Hopefully they will make you all think twice before throwing a stick. I’ve definitely learned the hard way.

***Update 25/09/2014***

Jet has been for her 3-day check-up at the vet and it all seems to be healing okay, but she still has a hole in her palate and is still on plenty of painkillers and antibiotics. Back on Monday for a check-up again but we seem to have got off lucky, although the hole might not heal properly and it will take her a few weeks to fully replace all the blood she lost. Glad my girl is tough as old boots!

jet stick 1 jet stick 2 jet stick 3 jet stick 4