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Hi Readers

As the title suggests – apparently October is Adopt a shelter dog month.

Now I’m all for these monthly drives to get people’s interest perked up once in a while but does it not suggest that October you should adopt but the rest of the year pass it all by?

EVERY month, EVERY week, EVERY day should be adopt an animal day – whether you’re into cats, dogs, pigs – if you want a pet and you don’t intend to show it or have a licence to breed THEN ADOPT. Simple as that.

I’m not getting on my soap box a preaching the rights and wrongs of breeding – each one of us has an opinion and are entitle to that opinion. My only comment to this is “responsible” breeding NOT puppy farm, or “oops my dog got out” kind of breeding. They are both hateful, irresponsible acts that have no part in today’s world.

As I said, I’m not going to soap box the subject.  I’m simply going to say today that there are hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs … the whole noah’s ark of animals  that someone somewhere keeps as pets, someone somewhere lost or disowned said ‘pet’ and so there are enough to go around for people to adopt.

And if you’re one of those who is nervous – will the dog be trainable or insurable or bite or diabetic or worse? – Will the cat run off, fit in here, have cat flu, be full of fleas? Will the rabbit be unmanageable or ill or not tame?  I can’t blame you for asking and holding back. There are many many reasonable questions to be asked. How though can you justify paying £400 for a cross breed puppy or even a so called ‘pedigree without papers’ from a stranger you may never see again when you can buy/adopt for under £300 and have back-up from the shelter if here’s a problem for the rest of the animal’s life…. Try justifying £30 for a petshop guinea pig with no history or drop a £20 to a neighbour for a kitten that “was got at” one night?

So as October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, I urge you , ADOPT – but not just in October – whenever you intend to get a new pet………


Do the right thing and get it wrong (according to some folk)


I don’t often write on here but I have been seething all night and somehow I have to get the anger out before I punch someone.  What upsets me so (tonight anyway)… Modern justice, cruelty to animals vs ‘cruelty’ to a minor.

Let me explain.  Tonight, upon returning from work with my husband, we reversed the car onto the driveway and sat chatting before the onslaught of doggy waggles, cat meows, teen yapping and so on that awaited us behind or closed door.  It’s dark – gone 5pm British (GMT) winter time.  It was then it happened and I could not contain my rage.

Not 20 feet away a little ‘urchin’ of about 10 years – who had already raised the anger buds by trying to play chicken with the car as we drove up – saw a neighbours small cat come from under the hedge. A lovely little white and grey female.  AAAH say the animal lovers.  SO what say the non animal lovers.  What happened next was that said urchin thought it very amusing to call the cat (friendly with children by nature of environment).  When the cat stopped and turned to him he kicked his football so hard it hit the cat in the head and then laughed to his friends “HAHA Did you see that?”.  The cat ran off and hopefully was nothing more than stunned.  I was furious!!!

I got out of the car, husband started unpacking the car.  I walked towards urchin and friends and he gave me some verbal (as he always does).  I ignored that and said gently “come here please.”  He did so.  I hooked my finger under his collar as I knew he would run as soon as he realised he was in for a telling.  I quietly and calmly asked “Would you like it if I kicked a ball into the side of your head?”.  “No!” he replied rather cockily.  “Well don’t EVER let me see you do that to a cat, or other animal again.” I growled.  I then unhooked my finger (and it was my little finger so he could have ran if he wanted – but didn’t..).  I walked home, looked at the cat as I went by and she seemed none the worse for wear – THIS TIME.

Within less than 5 minutes, me still steaming, there was a knock at the door and a female – not the urchins mum – asked me why I had belted the boy?  Ha! lies too.  I said I hadn’t, and I said I had chastised him for kicking the ball at the cat.  “OH, if I thought he’d hurt an animal I would have done something but he swears he did nothing, you just attacked him.”

I pointed out that for one why would I do such a thing for no reason? Two, why would I accuse him of something so random if it  didn’t happen.  And then husband backed me by saying he sat in the car with me and we saw the whole thing.  So she said she would tell his parents and off they went.

Then, I went out with my two dogs for the evening walk, a male approached me with urchin in tow.  Father I presumed.  He accused me of belting his son and said I had no right and he had a good mind to thrash me.  Woah!

Said son starting calling me a bitch and said he never kicked the ball at the cat, it rolled there from about “this much away” (about a foot.).  Firstly I looked right at the boy and said “Stop being disrespectful.  I’m an adult you know, you do not call me names”.  Then I said the same to the father but if he wished to believe that his son was telling the truth and that I lied about the cat, the ball and the discussion then by all means have a swing.  He didn’t, instead he threatened some more about getting me done for child abuse, got in his car and drove off at a speed unhealthy to be driving at in a 30 zone. (Caring parent with child in car remember).

That however, wasn’t the end of it.  Mum came to the door threatening police action for beating her son over the ball rolling across the road.  By this time I had seriously had enough.  I told her the truth, after all she had heard her sons’ version from her partner.  She looked at said urchin who finally admitted he’d kicked the ball at the cat  “but didn’t mean it”.  I apologised if she had thought I hit her son but that too was a lie.  He grinned.  She did say she would have dealt with it had she been told.. maybe she would, she seemed a nice kinda woman under the anger – but she also said he’d been belted for lying and that did not loo like a boy that had been remotely told off.  Ho hum, apparently not my problem and if the cat was injured that wasn’t either – so I hope she’snot – or my neighbour at the very least will have expensive vets fees and no idea why – as why should I ell her and get involved any more?

Harrassment from 3 adults and me calming down meant I apologised just to shut them up.

So what message has that given the boy?

He can hurt animals.  He will get away with it and he will get other people into trouble but he doesn’t have to care.